What To Do?

1. Contact your state Representative and Senator woman on computer

• Click on the “Expense Reports” link.
• Utilize the links provided to find your Representative and Senator.
• Locate them on the list, and click their name to see a sample of their invoices.
• Click “email” to send them a message.
• Follow the link labeled “The Pledge” and see if your Representative and Senator agreed to follow the law and our state constitution with respect to expense reimbursements.
• Contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to sign the pledge!

2. Comment online to media stories

• The blog on this site will keep you up to date on any media coverage. Follow the links when provided, and offer comments on these stories.

3. Help spread the word about the issue and this web site

• Tell people about this web site and inform them about the expense reimbursement issue.
• Stay tuned for a flyer you can download and print to help spread the word.

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